Many of IDA’s clients are pursuing the partnering of their products in Japan with either domestic Japanese or global pharmaceutical companies.  IDA can support obtaining value-added licensing deals through partnering support services and risk-sharing development arrangements.

Partnering Support Services

  • Identifying potential partners thru a disciplined screening process based on mutually defined criteria
  • Support communicating the value of products as well as the strategy behind the global and Japanese development plan to potential partners with a multi-disciplinary team of experts who are bilingual and bicultural
  • Support the detailed negotiation process with selected partners


Risk-Sharing Development

Furthermore, many clients pursuing partnering understandably wish to avoid significant investment in Japanese development activities prior to out-licensing. However, this approach requires executing deals before products can be de-risked at a lower value. One solution offered by IDA is to, on a case-by-case basis depending on product profile, conduct part or all of IDA’s services at risk in exchange for sharing in the increased deal value resulting from achievement of key Japanese development milestones.

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